Setting up your double bed from today will be easy and pleasant thanks to the wide choice of bedspreads, sheets, quilts and soft pillows and mattresses that you will find among our best offers. On Giordano Corredi you can find everything you need to customize your wedding bed . You will be able to choose between the elegance of the great classics, without having to renounce to the comfort of the most updated materials in terms of relaxation. Choose from our precious bedspreads and our soft quilts the product that is best suited to your personality and design of the bedroom, even the most modern one. If you wish, you can also combine them with fresh and silky sheets that we offer as a combination. The articles you will find on GiordanoCorredi are made with the best fabrics on the market, highly breathable textures, specially chosen to ensure you a good night’s sleep. In this regard, we of Giordano Corredi also think about the most suitable supports to support your body during sleep. Among our offers you will also find latex mattresses and pillows that, in addition to supporting, will ensure maximum relaxation. Browse our catalog and you will receive our products in a few days at home.



Bed sheets

An important role in bed linen is taken by the sheet : created to stay in close contact with the epidermis, it must be made of a natural and delicate material, such as cotton or silk. It can be either white or colored, which facilitates the possible combination with the various colors of the room or the quilts used. Precisely for this reason, we at Giordano Corredi have selected the best sheets that make quality and style their main features.



The quilt is one of the elements that most characterize our bedroom: the whole space assumes, in fact, the same style. The variety of quilts that we offer is able to satisfy every type of stylistic requirement: classic, modern, elegant, from sober colors to lively ones. And not only that: the materials used are the best to keep us warm and pamper us in the cold winter nights. Getting out of bed has never been this difficult!

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