On Giordano Corredi you will find the best offers of mattresses . Say goodbye to old and obsolete mattresses stuffed with wool or other material of animal origin. The world of the mattress has evolved and made it go hand in hand with people’s needs. Browse our offers, in our online catalog you will find truly state-of-the-art mattresses, designed to ensure a peaceful sleep but also correct from the point of view of posture and physical health. On Giordano Corredi you will find mattresses in Biostan , in Memory Foam or also in 100% latex , all mattresses guaranteed for ensure maximum comfort and healthiness. The Memory Foam, for example, is produced with water-based raw materials foamed with vegetable oils and enriched with balsamic microcapsules. Just like natural latex mattresses, Foam mattresses also conform perfectly to the physiognomy of the body, limiting the pressure at the points of contact with the spine and the dorsal area as much as possible. Biostan mattresses, on the other hand, are made of a special patented fabric capable of inhibiting the effects due to the exposure of the waves generated by the electric and electromagnetic fields. Choose to sleep peacefully, choose one of our mattresses.

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