Dining Room

The dining room is the place where people gather to eat meals, lunch, breakfast and dinner. After having furnished it with a table, chairs and furniture that identify its style, all the elements of the outline cannot be missing. Dishes, cutlery, glassware and tablecloths are essential to make the dining room personalized in every detail. It is the place of the busiest house, the one where to organize quick lunches or nice dinners with friends. On Giordano Corredi you will find all the furnishing accessories to personalize your dining room: from the colorful flat sets to the glassware, from the fine porcelain services to the tablecloths.


Defining the style of your dining room also means decorating your table: plates, tablecloths, breadbaskets, glasses, cups and cutlery are the elements that contribute to the harmony of colors. Our Arcobaleno catalog has the best dining room set sets. To use them at any time and for any occasion, guests will feel enveloped in the unique style of your table! All our dining room sets are perfectly suited to style and tones, from lilac sets to the brightest colors of red, from the country touch of green to the light-heartedness of blue outfits.

Glassware, precious set of glasses

The glasses are a fundamental element as well as being the undisputed protagonists of the crystal and dining room. The “important” services are almost always composed of a glass for water, a glass of wine, flutes and a champagne cup. The sets of crystal goblets that you find on Giordano Corredi see also the presence of a jug for water, a decanter and to make the whole thing finer two candelabra. Whether for a romantic dinner or a special event, we offer one of the most elegant and refined sets of crystal. Find a wide selection of glassware for every taste, from square or sinuous to finely decorated.

Porcelain, original porcelain services

Porcelain is one of the oldest ceramics. Made for the first time in China, they have always been a symbol of elegance and refinement. The porcelain dinnerware services are among the most chosen for a kit. The porcelain sets on Giordano Corredi give harmony thanks to the refinement and elegance that characterizes them. Take a look at our catalog.


The tablecloth is par excellence the element that protects the table but has above all a decorative function. Whether you prepare the table for an elegant lunch or a holiday, the tablecloth must always be chosen based on the decor of the dining room surrounding the table. Precisely for this reason on Giordano Corredi you will find tablecloths of various materials and various styles: cotton or linen, very colorful or sober colors without forgetting the very elegant ones with embroidery and designs.

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