Glassware, precious set of glasses

The glasses are a fundamental element, in addition to being the undisputed protagonists of the crystal and dining room. The “important” services are almost always composed of a glass for water, a glass of wine, flutes and a champagne cup. The sets of crystal goblets that you find on Giordano Corredi see also the presence of a jug for water, a decanter and to make the whole thing finer two candelabra. Whether for a romantic dinner or a special event, we offer one of the most elegant and refined sets of crystal. Find a wide selection of glassware for every taste, from square or sinuous to finely decorated.

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Calici: how to arrange them at the table

After choosing your set of glasses, it is essential to understand how to arrange them at the table to create harmony between glasses, plates and cutlery.

Any table that respects itself must surely have two glasses, one for water and a glass for wine. In the event that two different types of wine are expected to be consumed, the glasses rise to three.

The glasses during a lunch or a dinner must be in crystal or in any case transparent in order to have the possibility of striking the diners also from the color of wine or prosecco: even the eye wants its part at the table.

Arranging them correctly is very simple: they are positioned in the upper right corner of the table starting from the glass for water which is generally the larger one, then the glass for red wine and the white one. If the flûte is expected to be used behind the three main glasses.

The jugs and the decanter, together with a possible seau à glace to keep the white wine cool, must be positioned necessarily at the center of the table to allow all the guests to be served in peace.

In conclusion, for a fine and elegant table with missing candlesticks that will create a romantic atmosphere.

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